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Brownie Points Subscription

Mrs Brown-ie is proud to introduce our Brownie Points Subscription service. As a family run business, we know that bribery is a parent’s best friend! Ok I know we are not supposed to admit that, but even Mary Poppins added sugar to persuade children to have their medicine! Kids of all ages have not had it easy this year and us parents even more so. Therefore, we all deserve a treat to look forward too every month. If you feel someone in your life deserves some Brownie Points, why not sign up to our monthly dessert subscription service.

Brownie Points is Perfect For...

Rewarding children for good behaviour

As we mentioned earlier, kids haven’t had it easy. So, if your little angels need some persuasion to stop being little devils, sign up today! We will send you a Mrs Brown-ie Reward chart to track their progress and remind them to be good.

Employee of the Month

If your employees are currently working from home the Brownie Points system is a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work. We can post a product of your choice direct to your employees’ door.

Support Your Keyworkers

If you would like to show support to your local keyworkers you can sign up to our Brownie Points. We will deliver a tray to your chosen establishment each month at a discounted price!

VIP Taster Package

For our hardcore fans we have the Mrs Brown-ie VIP Taster Package. This gives you exclusive access to our new flavours and products before they are released to the public.

How does it work?

If you are a brownie, rocky road, or shortbread lover the Brownie Points Scheme is perfect for you. Simply sign up to our monthly dessert subscription using the link below, choose your product and you are away! We will send your first box on the 1st of the following month by 48-hour courier. All orders must be place and paid for 48 hours prior to the 1st of the month. There is no minimum subscription for dessert subscription service. We do not begin to bake until payment is received and cleared, therefore you can cancel your subscription at any time prior to the payment being taken.

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