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Where it all began…

Mrs Brown-ie is what you could call a “covid cakery”, or at least that is what Mr B calls it! I am Steph, also known as Mrs Brown-ie and my husband and sidekick is Mike or Mr B. We started the business during the pandemic of 2020. Like many, as Boris called for the lockdown, I was on maternity leave, and the boredom kicked in. So, I began to bake. It started as a gesture to cheer friends and family up who we could not be with. We would do doorstep drop offs with brownies in Morecambe and Lancaster.

Becoming A Business

The feedback that we received from friends and family was phenomenal and word spread quickly! People who had tried the brownies soon wanted to order their own and suggested we set up as a business. Thus Mrs Brown-ie was established. While initially the thought of becoming self-employed was daunting, I soon found I was making money doing something I love. Furthermore, the new venture allows me the luxury of working from home with my little girls.

A Family Affair

Although I am technically self-employed, Mrs Brown-ie is very much a family run business. From Mr B helping with the admin to our daughters Millie and Harper who are chief tasters and quality control. Grandparents, aunties, and uncles all on hand to help with childcare. Even our marketing is kept in the family with my sisters-in-law company, Queen B Marketing and Websites.

Where We Are Now

We are delighted to announce we have just had our very first hygiene inspection. Slightly delayed due to Covid-19, we did our best to liaise with the FSA while we waited for our visit. Nevertheless, it was still a nerve-racking experience, but we are ecstatic to say we have been awarded a 5 out of 5! We are truly humbled that Mrs Brown-ie has become a household name for brownies in Morecambe and Lancaster. We have also added a new purpose built Kitchen and Office to our home.

What’s Next?

Launching this website is a huge milestone for us. As the business grows at a rapid rate, we are now offering UK mainland delivery, wholesale, and catering orders. Our dream is to see Mrs Brown-ie become a national household name. In the meantime, we will continue to expand our services and offer tasty new creations.